Welcome to the revolution!

The Mini Aero are extraordinary wireless loudspeakers. They are a result of sophisticated engineering, no-compromise selection of high-performance parts and materials, meticulous attention to detail, and the development of WATT™, the revolutionary Wireless Audio Transport Technology.

We are very excited about kicking off production of the first batch of the Mini Aero and expect to ship them to customers the next few weeks - please see FAQ for more details. Numbers are, of course, limited. If you want to be one of the first to own them reserve yours now. 

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World's best wireless speakers.

The Mini Aero are the best wireless loudspeakers money can buy. Designed to satisfy even the most discerning audio enthusiasts, the revolutionary Mini Aero are the first ever high-resolution, wireless loudspeakers with lossless, bit-accurate playback of high definition digital audio.

The Aero truly set a new benchmark for wireless music reproduction – nothing comes close. And because we offer them direct, with no middleman markups (none!), the Mini Aero are priced at an incredible US$2499 plus tax – a remarkably low price point for the level of performance.

“This is an IMPRESSIVE speaker”

Dave Thomas, Editor, Stereo Times

"This is an IMPRESSIVE speaker that involves a lot of sophisticated engineering, high-performance parts and meticulous attention to detail. Sonically, this speaker was thrilling. It renders a far greater soundstage with depth, height and musicality than any speaker this size or price has any right to.... I couldn't believe what I was hearing and where it was coming from."

It's all about the music.

At its core the Mini Aero are all about the music – the extraordinary technology is a supporting act, a means to an end.

The Mini Aero deliver detail, exceptionally deep yet accurate bass, superlative dynamic range and incredibly engaging, massive sound stage. Above all they are amazingly natural. The Mini Aero draw the listener in like only the very finest audio systems can. Hear for yourself.

Tested on humans.

The human ear is truly remarkable in its ability to perceive subtle details and fine nuances. These details and nuances often make audio systems with near identical measurements sound drastically different.

This is why there is no substitute for listening, and why the development of the Mini Aero involved hundreds of hours of listening tests. Let your ears be the judge.

"The new Moos Mini Aero speakers represent a serious attempt to get good sound from powered wireless speakers."

John Atkinson, Editor-in-Chief, Stereophile

Ultimate digital music.

Music in the 21st century lives in the digital world. Whether it's your CDs on a PC or Mac, or digital downloads from the web, the majority of music today ends up on a hard drive or streamed directly from the cloud. And with huge variety of high definition digital downloads at up to 24bit/192kHz, the quality of digital music can substantially exceed that of past formats, such as CDs and vinyl.

The Mini Aero liberate your digital music. It works with software and apps that you already love, so there is nothing to learn - all you need to do is plug in a USB dongle to your PC or Mac. And, as you would expect, the playback quality is absolutely incredible. From humble MP3s to highest definition 24bit/192kHz master recordings, your music has never sounded this good. Welcome to awesome!

Digital done right.

No matter how much digital technology a loudspeaker contains, there is no substitute for correct physical design.

Sophisticated digital processing only comes to the fore when coupled with the highest calibre speaker cabinets and analogue electronics. Done right, the sonic quality is extremely transparent and revealing yet natural and fluent. To put it simply, digital done right is breathtaking.

Understated elegance.

The Mini Aero exude elegant simplicity. Impeccably finished, the hand-polished high gloss piano lacquer contrasts with the machined black anodized aluminium and intricate surface texture of the drive units. The Mini Aero look every bit as stunning as they sound.

Colors to fit your world.

Some decisions are easy, others are hard. With striking color options of Bianco Cygnus, Nero, Rosso Metis and Super Fly, picking your favourite may well be rather difficult.

But don’t worry, we make it very easy for you in case you change your mind - Super Fly may really be your colour after all!

"Put through its paces with demanding symphonic material, the Mini Aero would be impressive even if it wasn't wireless."

Neil Gader, Associate Editor, The Absolute Sound

Hey – we got an award!

We do what we do because we love audio, and want to bring amazing sound to everyone. And while awards are not our main motivation, it is certainly nice to be recognized. Products entered in the International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the media to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronic. To be named Design and Engineering Honorees in the High-Performance Audio Category, and be chosen among some of the most highly revered audio companies in the world is truly a privilege.

The Mini Aero is indeed a revolutionary high performance audio product that redefines wireless audio performance and offers extraordinary value. So thank you CES, and well done Mini Aero - we are proud of you!

Designed on Earth — Assembled in Denmark

Much of today's loudspeaker theory and design methodology was developed in Australia. Research conducted at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Sydney University by legendary audio engineers such as N. Thiele, R. Small and others laid the foundation for modern loudspeaker design practice.

The Mini Aero’s mechanical and acoustic design was done in Sydney by a team with a world-class audio heritage and decades of acoustic engineering experience, including design of bespoke monitoring loudspeakers for recording studios such as EMI Studio 301, Benchmark Studios and consultancy for various high-end British and US brands.

To complete the design of the Mini Aero, we partnered with the world leading specialists in transducer design and manufacturing, analog and digital electronics design, signal processing, and amplification. Scan-Speak, Danville Signal, Hypex, and DSP Concepts are world leaders in their fields. We are thankful to all of them for the contributions they made.

The Mini Aero is assembled in Denmark by Scan-Speak A/S. The legendary attention to detail and manufacturing expertise is applied to every single Mini Aero, in the same way as it applies to every single drive unit produced by Scan-Speak. All Scan-Speak drive units are designed and made in Denmark at the company's facility in Videbæk.

Your Mini Aero are ready for pre-order!

The best way to decide if you can resist the Mini Aero is to listen in your own home. We are sure you will fall in love with the looks, and will be blown away by the sound. If for whatever reason you choose to part ways, just return them in original condition within 30 days, no questions asked – that’s a guarantee.

We are making the very first batch of the Mini Aero and expect to be shipping in the next few weeks. Pre-order now to be among the first to own the Mini Aero. We will not charge your card until we ship. Shipping cost included in price for pre-order customers from USA and Australia. Numbers are strictly limited, so don’t dilly dally – pre-order now!

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